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How to change social netwark link (fb) in bootstrap template ?

Step 1. Please go to your site cPanel here: and log in with your username and password.

Step 2. Please find File Manager button and click on it, then please select "Web Root" in the popup window and click "GO".

Step 3. Please find index.html file select it and then click Edit buttin which is on the top of your cPanel.

Step 4. Now scroll down a little bit until you'll find Top (Phone, Social) section, Here it is. Now let's edit them, Let's change number.

Step 5. Now let's modify links to social networks, when you're done click Save Changes in top right corner.

Step 6. Now go to your homepage and check the results, refresh the page if the results don't work, there you are, as you can see clicking Youtube redirects to as we've entered. Clicking twitter redirects to and finally clicking Facebook icon redirects to as we've entered. This is it. One important NOTE: Do exatly the same on other pages as you did in index.html (do it in index-1.html, index-2.html, etc.)