Bootstrap Templates Step by Step Instructions & Video Tutorials

How to add new page with its content in bootstrap template ?

Step 1. First of all go to your site cPanel for example here: and login with your username and password.

Step 2. Please find File Manager button and click on it, then please select "Web Root" in the popup window and click "GO".

Step 3. Please find index.html file select it and then click Edit buttin which is on the top of your cPanel.

Step 4. Scroll down until you find Nav section.

Step 5. Copy the last menu item (including li and a tags), paste it in the new line, change menu item name, link, and li class. (from 6 to 7), we're done here. Click Save Changes.

Step 6. Now go back to file manager, enter css folder and open style.css file via "Edit" button.

Step 7. Use your browser search and search for 'menu_item_6', copy this whole css content and paste it in new line, now change menu_item_6 to menu_item_7, you can also change the logo of the menu item, which is located at the left of the name, we'll set the same logo as menu item 2. You'll see the results later at the end of tutorial.

Step 8. Continue search. Click Enter or next, this kind of css content will appear several times during searching, so repeat the following step at every one, after you've finished editing all of them, click Save Changes.

Step 9. Now lets create a new file called settings.html as we've entered it as a menu item directory. Go back to file manager, click New File, name it settings.html and click "Create New File".

Step 10. Now open newly created file. You can place any content there, it's currently empty, we'll enter some default text, click Save Changes when you're done placing content.

Step 11. This is it. Now let's check results, go to homepage, refresh page if changes don't work.