Bootstrap Templates Step by Step Instructions & Video Tutorials

How to upload bootstrap template on the hosting ?

Step 1. First, please go to your site cPanel for example here: and login with your username and password.

Step 2. Find "File Manager" button in yourcPanel and Click on it.

Step 3. We'll create a new folder called bootstrap and upload our files there, but you can upload it anywhere. It's just an example.

Step 4. Please enter this directory now.

Step 5. Now click Upload.

Step 6. Click "Choose file".

Step 7. Select your template .zip package and upload it.

Step 8. Next step is go back to cPanel File Manager.

Step 9. Find uploaded zip package and extract it.

Step 10. Find uploaded zip package and extract it.

Step 11. Here we are. Files have appeared. Now you can delete your .zip package on FTP.

Step 12. Now let's go to your homepage and check the results.