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Bootstrap template ID: 300111919
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Template ID 300111919
Name Computer Repair HTML
Type Bootstrap template
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Categories communications, computing, science, computer repair, mobile responsive, bootstrap
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Computer Repair - HTML Bootstrap Template


Introducing the Computer Repair - HTML Bootstrap template, the perfect solution for any computer, gadgets, and electronics repair business looking to establish an online presence. This website template is built using the popular front-end development framework, Bootstrap, and the latest version of HTML (HTML5).

Bootstrap is a widely-used framework that enables developers to create responsive and mobile-friendly websites with ease. It provides a comprehensive collection of pre-designed components, such as buttons, forms, and grids, which can be easily implemented into the website. This makes the development process faster and more efficient, allowing for quicker deployment of the website.


The Computer Repair template includes 7 sections: Home, Services, 24 Repair, Price, Testimonials, Blog, Contacts, and 2 pages home and blog post page. The Home page features a modern and sleek design, highlighting the business's services and offering a clear call to action to schedule an appointment. The About page provides an overview of the business, including its mission and values, while the Services page lists the various repair services offered, including computer, laptop, and mobile repair. The Contact Us page includes a contact form and the business's contact information, making it easy for customers to get in touch.


Customizing the template is easy and user-friendly. The template is compatible with popular HTML editors like Adobe Dreamweaver, Sublime Text, and Atom, which allow for further customization of the template to fit the business's specific needs. However, if you have no experience in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, you can use an HTML editor to further customize your website. Some popular HTML editors include Adobe Dreamweaver, Sublime Text, and Atom.


The template is also fully responsive, meaning it is designed to adapt to any screen size, from desktop to mobile. This ensures that the website will look great and function seamlessly on any device, providing an optimal user experience for customers.

In short, the Computer Repair - HTML Bootstrap template is a great choice for any computer repair business looking to establish an online presence. With its modern design, user-friendly customization options, and responsive design, it is sure to make a great impression on potential customers.