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Template ID 300111905
Name GlobalNews
Type Bootstrap template
Regular Price $19
Total Sales 8
Browsers Internet Explorer 11
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Version 1
Categories media, jquery templates, mobile responsive, bootstrap, Newspaper
Tags bootstrap, css, css templates, jquery, jquery templates, javascript, animation, js, JS animated, media, responsive, respond, mobile, responding, Newspaper template, news, drug & drop templates


Global News Bootstrap Website Template


The Global News Bootstrap Template is a website template designed for online magazines and online newspapers. With the increasing demand for digital content, more and more publishers are turning to the internet to reach their audience. This template offers a sleek and modern design that is fully responsive, meaning it will adjust to any screen size for optimal viewing on any device.


The video presentation showcases the drag-and-drop function, making it easier to understand. Bootstrap is popular and reasonably priced, so it's an affordable option for launching a functional website without needing to have in-depth programming knowledge.


Bootstrap is a popular front-end framework that provides a set of tools for building responsive websites quickly and efficiently. It includes pre-designed components and classes, making it easy for designers to create professional-looking websites without having to start from scratch.


The Global News Bootstrap Template is built with HTML and CSS, the two standard technologies for creating websites. HTML provides the structure and content of a website, while CSS is used to style and layout the pages.


To customize the Global News Bootstrap Template, you will need a text editor such as Notepad++, Sublime Text, or Visual Studio Code. You can use these editors to make changes to the HTML and CSS code, allowing you to personalize the template to match your brand and meet the needs of your audience. It is also possible to use a graphic design tool such as Adobe Photoshop or Sketch, but a basic understanding of HTML and CSS is still required.

Global News Bootstrap Template is a responsive web design template for online magazines and newspapers. It is built using Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, providing a flexible and user-friendly layout that can be easily customized using a text editor like Visual Studio Code or Sublime Text. This template is designed to be responsive, meaning that it adjusts its layout and display to provide optimal viewing on any device, from desktops and laptops to tablets and smartphones. With responsive design, online magazines and newspapers can ensure that their content is accessible and readable to all users, regardless of the device they use to access the site. This improves user experience and helps drive engagement and traffic to the site, making the Global News Bootstrap Template an ideal choice for online publications looking to stay ahead of the competition in today's digital landscape.